GRASP connecting researchers with patients after SABCS 20


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In the same way the pandemic couldn’t stop the 43rd annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, the founders of GRASP are determined to continue the program they launched at #SABCS19. The poster walk-throughs will be virtual and take place the week after #SABCS20.

At its launch in 2019, advocates walked through the poster sessions with scientists and researchers to talk about the science presented. The advocates learned about the research and the scientists learned how the research was affecting the lives of those dealing with the disease every day.

So far, there are 38 groups signed up for the virtual walk-throughs which will be Monday, Dec. 14 and Tuesday, Dec. 15. There is still room for a few advocates, but they have plenty of scientists signed up. They ask any interested scientists to visit the website and sign up for leading future walk-throughs.

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