Enhance insight about breast cancer progression with Signatera


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Signatera for MRD detection in High-Risk Breast Cancer
​​Tuesday, December 7, from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm CT
Product Theatre presented by Natera

Q&A with Natera
Angel-level supporter, SABCS 2021

Q: What can attendees expect to see from Natera at SABCS?

A: We are excited to share two new poster presentations that will highlight additional data for SignateraTM, our molecular residual disease test, in patients with breast cancer. We are also pleased to announce that renowned Northwestern University oncologist Dr. Massimo Cristofanilli will lead the discussion during our product theater titled: Signatera for MRD Detection in High-Risk Breast Cancer.  We hope that these events will assist practitioners in understanding how Signatera’s ultra-sensitive ctDNA technology can be used for their patients.

Q: Why is molecular disease testing important in breast cancer and how can Signatera help?

A: There are undoubtedly many tools used to help oncologists assess the risk of recurrence for their patients, yet there is still a need for a more sensitive, personalized test that can give doctors insight about disease progression at the molecular level. This is where Signatera comes in.  Signatera provides ultra-sensitive ctDNA detection that can help doctors refine individualized risk assessment, personalize surveillance strategy, and understand whether immunotherapy treatment is working.  We are truly excited about the clinical possibilities Signatera can offer breast cancer patients.

Q: What have you heard from patients who have used Signatera to help monitor their disease?

A: We have heard some amazing things from patients who have worked with their doctors to introduce Signatera into their care plans.  In particular, patients with higher-risk breast cancer sub-types have shared their stories with us and other media outlets in an effort to educate the breast cancer community about the benefits of monitoring their disease with Signatera.  We will be featuring some of these patient testimonials on our website during the week of SABCS and during the beginning of next year.

Q: If attendees are joining virtually or can’t stop by your booth, where can they find more information? 

A: For more information about Signatera, practitioners can visit https://www.natera.com/info/know-breast-cancer/. From there, they can get information about upcoming webinars and other events, or even ask to meet with a Clinical Oncology Specialist to have an in-depth conversation about Signatera.

Q: What else is Natera working on that SABCS attendees will be excited to learn about, now or in the future?

A: Natera is committed to expanding the impact of Signatera’s molecular residual disease technology for the care of breast cancer patients, and patients suffering from other types of cancer.  We are committed to working with the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and other organizations to continue building robust data and to expand clinical use cases for this technology.  Through our partnerships, we can gain real, salient insights that will ultimately benefit patients dealing with this horrible disease.

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