Leading investigator in breast cancer genetics, disease progression, and research methodology named Brinker Awardee for Scientific Distinction in Basic Science


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Geoffrey M. Wahl, PhD
Geoffrey M. Wahl, PhD

Geoffrey M. Wahl, PhD, will receive the Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction in Basic Science on Thursday, December 8, at 12:30 pm CT in Hall 3 of the convention center, and will deliver the lecture Guardian at the Gates: Genome Stability, Cell State, Plasticity, and Breast Cancer.

Dr. Wahl, who is Daniel and Martina Lewis Chair and Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies Gene Expression Laboratory, is recognized for his significant contributions to the field of cancer genetics, including the mechanisms of drug resistance and genome stability. His body of work and the techniques he pioneered have enabled discoveries across many disciplines. Dr. Wahl’s commitment to understanding mammary cell development paved the way for future discoveries in breast cancer research and treatment. His work has also led to a better understanding of the underlying signaling changes that influence the onset and progression of breast cancer cells as well as identifying opportunities for targeted drug therapies.

“Dr. Wahl’s dedication to innovation and discovery has led to new methodologies and expanded our understanding of breast cancer initiation. His innovative approaches and vision have allowed for major advancements in research and engagement with the breast cancer community,” said Komen’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Jennifer Pietenpol, PhD, Chief Scientific and Strategy Officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.