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Thelma Brown, BSc
Thelma Brown, BSc

Each year, the SABCS Program Planning Committee assembles a robust program representing the latest research and the most important topics in breast cancer and premalignant breast disease. To help plan your SABCS 2022 experience, SABCS Meeting News talked to members of the Program Planning Committee about why they attend SABCS and what they are most looking forward to this year.

Here, patient advocate and SABCS Program Planning Committee member Thelma Brown, BSc, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she is a member of the Breast Cancer Working Group at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, talks about the value of SABCS and why you will not want to miss this year’s meeting.

Stay tuned to SABCS Meeting News for more highlights from members of the Program Committee along with ongoing news, updates, and important information on SABCS 2022.

What do you expect will be some of the most talked-about topics at SABCS 2022?

In light of the recently published results of the DESTINY-Breast04 trial, I expect a hot topic will be the clinical and research implications for patients classified as HER2-low and I also expect that there will be considerable interest in topics relating to immune response and antibody drug conjugates.

What are you most looking forward to at SABCS 2022?

SABCS is such an incredible conference, making it hard to identify one or even a few things that I am looking forward to.  There are so many opportunities to learn about the latest research and what is on the horizon for breast cancer, have one-on-one discussions with researchers and clinicians, and network with fellow advocates from many advocacy organizations. I am, however, particularly interested in sessions related to therapeutic progress in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

After being virtual and hybrid for a couple of years, attendees can look forward this year to the majority of speakers and panelists participating in-person, making the conference more dynamic and engaging.

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