Digital Health and PROs in Breast Cancer Research and Care: Presenter Profile


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2 minutes

Wednesday, December 7 • 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm CT • Hemisfair Ballroom 1&2

Presentation: Where are we going with digital interventions and PROs

Ines Vaz-Luis, MD, PhD
Ines Vaz-Luis, MD, PhD

Ines Vaz-Luis, MD, PhD
Director, Breast Cancer Survivorship Research Program
Institut Gustave Roussy
Villejuif, France

What is your presentation about?
My presentation will be focused on the future of digital interventions in the care of patients with breast cancer. Remote monitoring has proven efficacy among patients with cancer on active treatment and it is now starting to be implemented in clinical practice. In this presentation, we will review how: 1) remote monitoring implementation may evolve; 2) remote monitoring may become a tool on other settings (e.g., follow up after primary treatment); 3) other digital interventions may be integrated in clinical practice (e.g., self-management programs); and 4) what digital technologies will be developed. We will also address prerequisites for success at “digital transformation.”

What makes this topic important in 2022?
The current health system is witnessing a need for a paradigm shift from an unsustainable, paternalistic, and reactive model to a more sustainable, participatory, and proactive system. Digital transformation will be crucial in this setting since it comes with the promise of facilitating coordination and personalization of care, and allowing for a better allocation of resources.

How/why did you become involved with this area of breast cancer research or care?
My research is focused on quality of life and quality of care. The digital technologies can be used to benefit our patients in this field. Since I first participated in 2015 in the development of an app — Share the Journey — that at the time was launched with an App Research Kit, I started to try to use technology in the service of research and care.